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October 05, 2013


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Dan Dickinson

Chris -- congratulations on the launch. Any chance it'll be available on Kobo (or Google Play) in Canada? Almost no one here uses Kindles. :)

Chris Skinner

Thanks Dan

The book will be fully available in Canada in Q1, but we can send copies sooner if needed. just email kamila at fsclub dot co dot uk to get a copy posted to you (inlude your postal address of course!).


Jer Trihouse

Chris, just finished your book, 90% of bankers today are risk averse dinosaurs. You're certainly the exception. LOVED the book. Much to digest!

Thank You,
Jer Trihouse

Chris Skinner

Hey Jer

You are so kind. Thanks,


Michael O'Loughlin

Chris, just read your book. Fantastic stuff! All the best, Michael O'Loughlin

Chris Skinner

Thanks Michael

Appreciating all the positive vibes and Digital Bank now deleted from book form. New release in hardback with more case studies comes out in a couple of months,

All best

Bharath Yadla

Hi Chris,

Just read and finished your book Digital Bank (kindle ver), it was amazing - also given that @my work I focus on establishing Digital Strategies for transformation - it was extremely exciting to correlate what am encountering in the field.

Also would like ask - the new ver of book which is due in June - what are the new perspectives that have been added from the old one - would be extremely happy & honored to do a preview - review of your upcoming book and share my thoughts from the field

Chris Skinner

Thanks Bharath

So glad you liked it and yes, please leave reviews on Amazon or email to me :)

The new hardback is pretty much the same as this pre-release. The only difference is that there are three new case studies: mBank, Moven and Simple, as well as the book being totally edited professionally.


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