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September 09, 2013


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Gary Janes

I guess you're refering to James Burke and his prediction that advances in nanotechnology will ultimately lead to individuals being able to produce anything they want:



Abundance may well apply to many things. But while people continue wanting to live in nice houses, in nice places - and there aren't enough of either to go round - we'll need prices and money.

Besides, where will the raw materials for all this 3D printing come from? Or are these unlimited too?

Nihat Erdem

A world without money would be a dream for those, who do not have it. But even if you assume that everything is unlimited, just like entering cheat codes in computer games, where you get unlimited food and medicine and raw material, it still will not work. Because someone has to produce. And why would I bother to work and produce if I have already everything for free, in the quantity and quality I like, in a world with no needs. And if everything is produced by robots, you still need those robots to be produced. This goes until robot producing robots are produced. And thereafter comes the Matrix.

Actually, money is an invention. People have lived once in a world, with no money. But the matter then, was the opposite of the one in the world you have illustrated. Goods were scarce, and so were the needs. People did not know that they need an Iphone as Steve was not there. (In fact I still have hope in finding one day a cave painting, which illustrates Steve in his black turtleneck). Barter was a solution then. Eggs against apples. How many eggs would you need to buy an Apple today?

Another thing, however out of the specific subject, is the characteristic of the human being, the greed, showing itself in collecting and saving for bad days. You can not convince people that this system will last forever. When Moses fled with his people, God sent them food from the skies everyday, but forbid to keep them for the next day. What happened? They kept some of the food, just in case God would not send them any in the future days. People don’t even trust in God, despite the statement at the reverse side of a dollar note.

A world without money is heaven, but not on the planet Earth.

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