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August 08, 2013


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You should have stuck with Apple - it's karma paying you back for becoming a Macboy :-)


Missing Not in the comment above, doh


Instead of calling the rip-off premium rate number use 01344 373727 to talk to Dell in Great Britain.

John shackell

BT is on the same scale of poor customer service in my opinion


Oh, I thought Germany was the worst place in this world when it comes to "service". Thanks to the globalization.
But, as Bill posted before, give the Mac another try ;-) Apple's service is not necessarily better, but when you buy in a store (NOT ONLINE), you will get a better and personal service. Of course, a Mac is a piece of HW and SW and problems may occur, but they are comparably rare (excep when you install SW from Redmond) ... :-D good luck!

Tom Groenfeldt

I had a similar experience with a Dell laptop 10 or 15 years ago -- they sent me pieces for me to install a couple of times and it still didn't work -- finally they took it back and fixed it but that consumed more than 10 days when I was on deadlines. Have never looked at a Dell again.

Phil Dodsworth

Buying a Dell is rather like buying a cheap car - seems like a good idea when you do it, but often you live to regret the decision. Pay peanuts, and you get monkeys. Spend more and you'll get a far better product, and generally a better service too. I have never suffered problems with any of the HP Laptops or Desktops I have purchased (or been issued with) over the years - and can't fault the support either -although to be fair, I've rarely had to use it. I will admit to being biased, as I work for HP - but certainly hear fewer horror stories about our kit...and of course we are members of the FS Club too so next time please put us on your shortlist

Bill Winacle

1) Regarding the support: Why do you mention all the time India? Xenophobia? You can get bad support from call centres from all over the world, not just India.

2) Regarding the "free" credit: read the fine print. Do you think any company really has to give something away for free?

The rest: fully agree, bad service.

Chris Skinner


Interesting view.

I don't mention India all the time except to make the point that Dell relied on this as their first, second and third line of support and this causes issues:

(a) they are dealing with highly technical and emotive issues remotely and work to a script; and

(b) they use internet telephony with poor quality on occasion.

Combine this with some challenges of understanding accents and this does create a barrier to customer empathy.

Re free credit - if you think Dell offer free credit as an incentive to buy, then you think you are dealing with Dell Finance and not a third party.



I have made an online order last week, paid from card , received Internet receipt (GB0134-7964-19254 ), but no order number yet. I have made several customer service calls since then (all 0844 premium calls). The first agent told me that your order was rejected due to payment issue. I have been told by the bank that there was no issue with payment at all and all were approved. I have called again Dell Sales. They confirmed me that there are no payment issue, but the laptop run out of stock. He wants me to buy another laptop with similar spec which 30% more dearer instead (What's the heck they have approved my purchase if they run out of stock). No refund has been made to credit cad so far. Again someone else have told me that your order is no progressing and will get an order number soon, but nothing yet.

Dell has never been such bad in terms providing conflicting and confusing information. I have been a Dell customer for the last 10 years and bought several laptops and printers online and now it's the time leave this company :(

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