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March 05, 2013


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It's not just banks. Millions will starve to death around the world because of senators in Iowa and 27 other states who want ethanol boondoggles.

In 2007 the US Congress required gasoline producers blend 15 billion gallons of ethanol into the nation’s gasoline supply by 2015.

Additionally the US has been suffering a drought since last spring. This has pushed the price of corn up to record levels.

Ironically it is well documented that ethanol produces less energy than it consumes.

Paul Peters

Thanks for addressing this.. Speculative trade on primary needs such as certain foods and water should simply be made forbidden. That is a collective interest, not corporate.

“The markets” do not automatically organize themselves.. If they do attractors emerge as coordinators of the system that gave rise them them. In that sense, the free market creates its own regulation.
And there we have all those mis-used ideologies where collective arrangements in the form of governments deliberately stepping back where they should not.. there's a difference between 'go with the flow' and drowning.

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