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February 12, 2013


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Rowan Bosworth-Davies

I don't think it's just apathy Chris, frankly, I am not certain that the average man or woman in the street gives a flying **** for all this talk of banking crime. I think it's a kind of resigned complicity, a sense that these discussions all rightly belong in the too difficult tray, and as long as the bank is making money, who gives a monkey's how its made, certainly not the vast majority of its clients. Like Governments, we get the bankers we deserve!

neil burton

So why didn't they move accounts? Was it a) too difficult - see the massive investment in the Account Switching project b) too little alternative choice (does account switching help Johnny and Mary move their accounts to an allegedly more ethical kind of a bank, such as a building society or a credit union) c) apathy d) ah, now I think about it, free banking is actually quite a good deal so I’ll stick with my allegedly morally corrupt provider after all

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