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January 22, 2013


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Alexander Peschkoff

To be pedantic, IoT relies mostly on mobile, so I failed to grasp the logic of "irrelevant" there (cute presentation by Cisco, but to connect 1x1mm "computer" to, say, GSM you need 15x20mm modem, plus battery etc.)

I may believe the "money is meaningless" statement if I get free life-time membership to Financial Services Club (that will, kind of, answer the "capitalism is dead" too).

Over to you, Chris.


Mobile is only "irrelevant" in the same sense that electricity/power grid is: ie now ubiquitous and a sine qua non. Necessary yes, but no longer sufficient.

Re connected toilets - not sure but think they already exist in Japan. And they are definitely coming: key health sensor ("peeing in a cup" daily) ;)

Daniele Astarita

Understand where you (we!) are going Chris, the IoT is here and now; while agreeing on replacing "mobile" with "wireless", I doubt I will ever be paying for anything from a wifi enabled lightbulb or my home surveillance camera: not quite secure ...nor enough regulated :)). Looking forward to be reading on meaningless money :)

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