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December 06, 2012


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This is a result of the new societal disease "thin skin" where you cannot make fun of anything without someone taking offense.
This was a great ad, and it was as you said just funny!

The statesman dives into a criticism of the fact that they say "on your bike dolly, it’s for his son” because toys should not be gender specific. It could just as well mean "its for his son, not him." Besides, as i guess marketers realize traditional girl toys are marketed to girls and vice versa, despite what the statesman has to say about it.

William Gibson

I great advert … I wish we could see ones akin to this on the "western side of the pond."

The PC police have gone overboard on this one. How anyone could take offense (real or implied) from this commercial is beyond me.

Alexandra Larsen

Oh for heavens sake! Whatever family constellation, whatever type of dad you show, another type will always be left out. At what stage does the singlesex parent family become the stereotype? Isn't it equally legitimate in that case, that regular, A4 families have a cause to complain about ads focussing on other family types? There will always be an opportunity to complain if you choose to. I loved this ad, it was warm, funny, and I totally recognise the chaos of the toy department before Christmas. Have a sense of humour, people!


These cannibalistic PC tendencies will kill off trade and leave businesses, exporters and the consumer disgruntled.

PC used to mean Personal Computer

Thoroughly research the origins of political correctness. You may be suprised (or not).

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