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November 20, 2012


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Andy Sawers

Isn't it amazing to think, though, that the QWERTY keyboard layout - originally designed to slow down typists to a speed that the key hammers could handle - will almost certainly be a standard for very many decades to come, even though the layout makes absolutely no sense!

Tim Wright

Sorry Andy - that's one of the myths about QWERTY - it was actually designed to reduce the frequency of jams so that typists could type faster!


Andrew Muir

I sat in a meeting yesterday - it was minuted by somebody using an ipad with an app that looked just like an old notebook - on which the user was writing notes with some form of pen that the ipad screen could follow... it looked painfully slow. Sometimes the old ways really are better. I'll admit, however, that the typewriter is definitely past its sell-by date. RIP.

Doug Ziurys

I read a while back about children born 10 or so years ago have never heard the "live" sound of a typewriter clicking - a sound that most of us will never forget - at least in our passive memories. When the lights go out, I have a mechanical typewriter ready to go (contingency planning - no - just never tossed it out)- problem is - where do I get replacement ribbons???!!!

Paul Fahey

Ironically, the only place to get replacement ribbons for a typewriter is on the internet.

John R. Cox/Millersburg, Ohio 44654-0321

Where can I download a simple app that operates like an old Underwood or Royal typewriter with just a few features like backspace/deletion, PPP (print,post or publish) interface, common typefaces with nominal pt. size selection, real size (8.5x11) default start on screen width and scrollwheel/touch +or- zoom to see page layout or text in larger size, so I can roll in a sheet of paper thumbing the mousepad and the typing starting about a quarter up the screen? Thank-you

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