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November 19, 2012


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Thanks Chris. Who knows....in the days to come...even DNA may be duplicated.....


The casual advocacy of biometrics really has to stop. These technologies are not what they seem.

Most people get all their understanding of biometrics from science fiction movies, and vendors do bugger-all to round out the public's understanding. There's an amazing double standard where the truism that there is no perfect security gets shoved aside by unquestioned assumptions of biometrics being "unique" (they're just not).

But with a few moment's reflection even lay people spot one of the fatal flaws: a biometric cannot be cancelled and reissued in the event it is stolen. With a little more time, business people can get a handle on crucial practical matters like the security-convenience tradeoff, the reality of Reverse Engineering (so much for biometrics being 'impossible to forge' as many vendors claim) and the inherent difficulty of card-less biometric ATMs (which will occasionally commit a False Match and this give you access to someone else's money).

So please, you shouldn't even joke about DNA as a biometric.

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Raghavan quipped "in the days to come, even DNA may be duplicated". Indeed! Pluck someone's hair, or even shake their hand, and you've got enough of their DNA to spoof them.

Truly, of all the biometrics, DNA has to be the craziest.

Iang [==> Something you know, you have, you are]

Next generation authentication will be... (drumroll) your mobile phone. It's something you know, you have, you are.


So, once you give your DNA, everyone knows it, can replicate it and reuse it in whatever way they could think?

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