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June 28, 2012


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I have six children. I can assure you it is not more sex that is required but less contraception and abortion. People have plenty of sex, the problem is that they disconnect sex from procreation.

I am often the focal point of mocking jokes that my wife and I must be having sex more often than everyone else because we have six children. When in fact we have simply chosen a path that requires more mutual respect and self discipline.

Separating sex from procreation and making it purely a leisure activity is like separating bonuses from the long term financial health of a company. It takes wisdom to see the result ahead of time.

I recently went to my father's 80th birthday party. His nine children have had over 60 children between them. No divorce.

His old age is not a lonely one.

Chris Skinner

Hey Greg

Not sure, but are you Catholic?



this is one of the most absurd argument I have seen in many years. What the Earth needs is firstly the stabilization of the population, then a managed decrease, to 1 or 2 billions humans. This is what is sustainable in the long term. otherwise, we will turn the earth into hell: pollution, exhaustion of resources, deforestation, species extinction, global warming (and there is nore). So Europe and all countries where population has stabilized or is decreasing are showing the way forward.


How exactly would we achieve that managed decrease to 1/5 of the current population? Over what timescales? Malthus predicted we would already be dead. He was wrong. He did not fully understand or appreciate the impact of technical advance.

What would you tell my children? They cannot have children, or, that they can only have children if some bureaucrat in Brussels decides they can?

No major religions would recommend telling people they cannot have more children. They would fight that because in pretty much every creed multiplying is what God wants people to do. If there is not a God, then humans are no different to dinosaurs or any of other countless species that lived and died before us.

If you tell me I cannot practice my faith, and take my basic human right to produce away, by force, then I might as well start reducing the population myself until I've settled the argument one way or the other.

i.e. I will live free or die fighting.

If you want to contracept yourself out of existence that is your right and I fully support it. Forcing that view on the rest of society is going to lead to one of us being dead. And I have nearly 100 close family members thanks to my father.

If you do it through education and without force you will lose. The people who don't buy your argument and continue to have larger families will take you over within a few generations.

Simple Truism. The earth WILL belong to the breeders. Whether that is humans or Japanese knotweed.

So ironically - your Malthusian view of the world is much more likely to result in your great grandaughter covered head to toe in a Burqua and having 10 children, than it is to produce your humanistic uptopia with everyone hugging dolphins and taking public transport.

Useful Link


Paul Peters

"Taking the long term view, even without the intermediate layer of national governments, the socio-economical coherence of regional communities should be addressed. Automation of manual and mental tasks, productivity increased have started to become apparent after 1995 and are accelerating to such a degree that by 2025-2030 the fully automated part of the world economy will pass by the ‘normal’ economy in value. Add to that the fact that by 2020 the average cellphone has the same computing power as the human brain, advances in modular robotics, and self-learning artificial intelligence and mass-unemployment is a realistic future scenario. With the aging population and advances in medicine (regenerative medicine, cloning, turning of the ‘death genes’) and older people will only get older, and sometime around 2050, 2060 dying will be optional. Now that the babyboom generation is starting to retire, the impact is double. Every pensioner has a drop of income of some 30-40% which is enough to cover the basic expenses but makes it challenging to finance the extras. Their job position however is replaced by a junior, someone at the beginning of their career, who also doesn’t earn enough to finance the extras in life. Those extras are what make a rich country rich, and even if the pension has been funded correctly it is the impact of the spendable income that has governments worried and deliberately shortcutting a country’s pension system into forcing additional labor years isn’t going to fix that one. The most valuable solution ahead, is a base-income, and that is only viable when applying a dual currency model, with local money which can adjust itself via exchange rates, so that it maintains a consistent value in itself. Along with that the Euro can be maintained as a global currency just like Eurodollars used to."


Umm...maybe the obvious solution is raise the age of retirement as lifespan increases...

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