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June 25, 2012


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Too many cowboys and not enough Indians.

We are know Indian call centres are rubbish, what made the senior management think that outsourcing their core banking system for retail was a smart idea?

Several years ago I banked with Royal Bank of Canada private banking. Bank charges were 50% higher than the high streetb banks but it was the best money I ever spent.

They were like valet airport parking compared to the Long Term Car Park at Heathrow on a foggy day with traffic on the M25.

I'm still good friends with my personal account manager which shows how well they look after you.


When you talk about availability and five nines, et all, the thought train in my opinion goes to the wrong direction. Infrastructure. Though this too is a huge area with a lot of cost involved, those legacy upgrades and business system replacements have much more to do with the implementation of business logic, and often the logic if business itself. Business processes have been implemented over the years across myriad of systems and very often nobody really knows what are the dependencies. Hence the very costly and long term projects. In essence, banks have often lost understanding of how their business actually, in detail, works.

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