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May 22, 2012


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David Hannam

I have survived the AVS as a non Barclays account holder...was painful but entertaining to watch tha branch staff reaction...took two branch visitvto find one that knew what to do....only downside now I am on the inside is that Payments to non Pingit P2P users expire before they can get through the KYC....so u have to resend.

paul ferreira

have been following Pingit closely, always wondered if it would work for non clients. this looks similar to the recently released app from South African bank FNB, the real innovators in SA banking. here the CEO explains: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWKtBbzlo1c&feature=youtu.be
Looks like the branch is changing into the the app on your mobile device.

James Smith

Re the Pingit video not being that viral, your YouTube links don't tell the full story as they point to the least popular or unofficial versions. The different Pingit videos make up circa 700,000 YouTube views, or nearly 80% of the BarclaysOnline channel hits.


The power of TV ads (and a £10K competition open to Pingit users) has really driven the uptake however - promoted earlier this month alongside the final of Britain's Got Talent and the Barclays Facebook page. Those vehicles correspond with a notable boost in downloads, as suggested above and evidenced in the app store rankings - the app broke through the all important top 25 barrier for free apps after an almost 2 month absence, and returning Pingit to the #1 finance app spot.

Hinrich vS

The # of downloads is impressive indeed - I wonder how many people really use it continuously though.
Is anyone aware of some facts and figures, e.g. # of transactions per user or so?


Just one thing I cannot seem to grasp.. Where is the money from the moment I send until the recipient claims it? Doesn't the Faster Payment scheme pingit is built on mandates max 2 hours of transfer time?

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