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March 26, 2012


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Incredibly naive to think that the UN is more globally neutral --- it just has a different set of prejudices or interests.

Trying to compare Iran with Nepal weakens your argument -- I am not aware that Nepal threatens its neighbours or sponsors terrorism globally or threatens to destroy another member of the UN etc etc

Chris Skinner

I was NOT comparing Nepal with Iran, but purely using Nepal as an illustration of a state that China might request to be blocked.

Regarding UN neutrality - of course it's not neutral. It is just a lot harder to get a UN mandate as evidenced with Syria recently and Iraq a decade ago, than a EU/USA mandate.


Alain Rividi

Interesting question:

How to control transnational bodies that for sure need regulation, in a world where there is no unquestionable transnational authority ?

It will be a very fine line between interest groups exerting "undue" regulation and organisations using the void to escape legitimate control, both cases being equally undesirable.

Nothing really new I think and probably no satisfactory answer to Chris question.

neil burton

Shells scrambles to pay off $1bn Iran oil debt http://www.cityam.com/latest-news/shells-scrambles-pay-1bn-iran-oil-debt

Citi’s exit from Nepal opens door for other banks


Well...SWIFT should better stay away from World politrics!!..But as in the famous Hollywood movie 'Godfather'- one character says


Fritz Thomas Klein

Please simply be aware that the Iranian banks SWIFT had to exclude by a EU mandate are solely the ones that are on the UN embargo list - not an embargo list put together by any single country.

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