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March 29, 2012


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Yes! I totally agree. I even think those same reasons apply to those businesses who are still cash only ;-)


I am German, live in Belgium. Whenever I go back home (around Frankfurt), I have to cross my fingers at the cash register. I have two Belgian cards: one Mastercard and one Maestro debit card. A majority of shops do not accept credit cards at all. Almost all accept debit cards, but about a third of the shops I buy things in do not even accept Maestro but only German debit cards. And then there's of course always a sign telling you the minimum purchase amount for card transactions.
Belgium and France got me very used to being cashless, but Germany wakes me up every time!

Iang (supernotes in post-Lehman days)

A majority of the US accept credit cards. A majority of Europe is hooked up to debit cards. A majority of London transport accepts that London transport thing.

Something about inventor's home territory here.

Meanwhile, a majority of all places accept cash. Still a ways to go before victory is declared.

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