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December 05, 2011


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Andrew Muir

I despair. We used to be so good at protests... from as far back as I can remember right up to the march of the Countryside Alliance - one message, thousands of people, good organisation and a point. That came to a halt, somewhere around the time of the first Stop the City campaign... thousands of people, hundreds of messages, none of them clearly expressed and aimed at nobody in particular. The last time we were advised to wear clothes that made us indistinguishable from protesters, I was surrounded by commuters sporting Hackett chinos, Jaeger cashmere and Wentworth Golf Club polo shirts... I agree, Chris - the art of effective protesting is in desperate need of a renaissance.


Don't write them off too lightly Chris (and don't despair Mr Muir).
You are right that there are many disparate views and concerns, but Occupy ties these to a single root problem. Occupy also highlights that this single root problem cannot be fixed by fiddling around the edges with a few political or regulatory changes.
Occupy is not about St Paul's, and it is not about Zucotti Park. These will surely soon be vacant, but OWS is only beginning.
Even CNN/Fortune are starting to get it - as do many of us in the blogosphere. http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2011/12/07/occupy-wall-street-yes-there-is-organization/
Occupy runs deeper than it seems on the surface, and Occupiers are taking the long view (which I'm sure you of all people will appreciate Chris)

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