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November 11, 2010


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Great post guys!

For crowdfunding, check out www.Sponsume.com

Their test platform has been up and running in the UK since August.

I've heard they would launch a new and improved site, opened to Euro funding by Jan.

Also Sponsume do not currently charge.


Alain R

Aw, Chris, what a monster! Breaking children's dreams and whatnot. Are you gonna tell them next that Santa isn't real ?

The most depressing part will be when our revolutionary youth turn 30-ish and accept jobs at banks as "Innovation managers"...

"I am so happy to have this wonderful opportunity to change things from within!", the last blog post will say.

Alain R

Speaking of middle-class-initiated revolutions...




great blog post. And I think you got it. I wasn´t at Sibos but I red Venessa Miemis Blog post and followed the discussion. Yesterday I wrote a post in my www.finance20.de Blog, and have tried to understand what Venessa and her Generation really expect from banks. And what I understand is: They don´t expect anything from banks. They expect a world with new political, economical and cultural rules. Maybe a world without banks and without companies and institutions, which endager the future of the world and especially the future of her generation.
I remember the words of Bill Gates. Was it Bill Gates? We don´t need banks, we need banking. Maybe we needn´t banking anymore


Paul Peters

Maybe it's typical for being attributed with a birth date in the midst of Generation X, "the forgotten generation", but it's still highly annoying to loose a page-long comment on why newer systems will envelope banking not just replace it.. and how the economy is moving towards a kaleidoscopic system more or less resembling anarcho syndicalism. Alas, sic transit gloria mundi.

So.. where can i get seed capital to finance a prototype for an infrastructure for "commerce 2.0" ?

Take care

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