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April 30, 2010


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Jeffry Pilcher | TheFinancialBrand.com

A "brand" IS an organization's reputation, so yes, they are connected.

Bank brands are climbing out of the toilet, so it's easy to achieve some improvement in their already dismal scores. Moving from a 1 to a 2 looks like a 100% gain...until you remember than it's a 100-point scale.

Chris Skinner

Hey Jeffry

I was being the usual British sarcastic when I said that "brands and reputation have nothing to do with each other, do they?"

Thanks for the comment though and, as usual, we are still lovin' the Financial Brand,


Jeffry Pilcher | TheFinancialBrand.com

I grasped your sarcasm :) I was continuing the point for whomever was wrestling with the question. Thanks for the love! - jp

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