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February 15, 2010


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The trouble is that if the banks don't bite the bullet and speculatively build a SCV, then someone else (usually outside the industry) will and at that point, the market need will reveal itself.

Identity theft, implicit mobile and persistent payments and other new forms of international financial transactions yet to be invented will begin to depend on a single view of customer. I discuss these further here: http://www.realtea.net/gamsworld

Steve Bishop

This is not true, SCV can be achieved using some of todays technology at much lower cost, making the business case more reasonable. You still have the silos and the politics!!

But as margins have tighten and banking businesses need more control to remain competative, there are more complelling reasons why banks need SCV and Single Product View to better manage their businesses.

The secret is not make changes to the underlying systems, where most of the cost is in the integration.

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