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September 22, 2009


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Grant Osborn

It could get interesting........if O2 made the application process easier / accurate / actual! I've registered several times for a Load and Go card since its launch some weeks back - still waiting for such a card albeit I received SMS confirmation of my "set-up". I've spoken to O2 several times to be told (a) the website is having some technical issues they're trying to resolve, try again soon and (b)the site is STILL having technical difficulties, we cannot trace your application/s and try again soon, again. Apparently they cannot accept applications by phone-somewhat ironic for a telcoms company?!?
It's not without apparent glitches.
I'll keep trying.


The Octopus card you received at Sibos could also be used as a cash store to buy stuff, e.g. in McDonalds. It uses the same touch technology as the Oyster card in London you may be more familiar with, i.e. no need to insert the card just touch it to the reader. No need for texts since you can also see the available balance. The disadvantage of course is that retailers need another terminal.

Or did you go everywhere by limo:-)

Pierfrancesco Gaggi

The HK paradox: an efficient Octopus card wich makes easy using undergrounds etc. etc. against a traffic jam (partly) generated by long lines of cars (included taxi!!) which have to pay CASH (coins!!) any each passage through tunnels which connect HK with Kowloon (and other islands, maybe, I didn't go around enough).
Is it possible that in Octopus' Land they have not the possibility of setting up a non-cash toll system using a dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) (see Wikipedia: "one-way or two-way short- to medium-range wireless communication channels specifically designed for automotive use and a corresponding set of protocols and standards")??

Chris Skinner


The problem with being a first mover is that you get subjected to all the bugs and glitches


If you read this blog regularly or know me, you'll know that we're intimate with Octopus and more.


The difference here, which is the nuance you might have missed, is the bank/mobile partnership.

I can't use Octopus in London or vice versa.

I can use O2's Money in both HK and London, thanks to RBS.

And yes, I did take a limo everywhere ;-)


Will blog about taxi's and cash in HK tomorrow


I can't get away from the idea that I don't need another card just because the one I already have is unsafe to use.
The idea of a mobile group offering cards defies description and two fools in concert doesn't a successful show make.
I don't see how I'm any safer unless I never actually put any money into it until just before I use it, and then I must be taking risks doing the transfer.
Convenience factor = 0

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