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January 06, 2009


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Jeffry Pilcher

Great write up.

They certainly don't seem to be censoring any comments with anti-WF/anti-Wachovia sentiment

I wrote about the new blog yesterday:

Chris Skinner

Thanks Jeffry

Checked out your commentary and yes, there is a caution here as discovered by NAB in Oz last year (see http://thefinanser.co.uk/fsclub/2008/10/aussie-bank-nab.html).

I recognise the WF employee versus Wild West commentary balance and will watch this space with interest. My only caveat is that, having met the WF guys regularly, they seem far more adept at understanding this space than any other bankers I meet.


Jeffry Pilcher

Yeah, I linked to a story about the NAB blog blowback within the WF/Wachovia article: http://thefinancialbrand.com/2008/10/27/nabs-social-media-failure/

(FYI - Your link to your NAB story is bunk. It's including the parenthesis and period in the URL.)

And you're right about WF being on top of the social media space. Both Tim Collins and Ed Terpening were all over my article within hours of publishing. They've already taken some steps to improve the blog. Ed said he was going to add some sort of reminder to employees about commenting guidelines in/near the comment box itself. Smart, especially when you have thousands of employees.

Chris Skinner

Thanks Jeffry

Re URL - limitations of commenting in typepad. Wonder if they'll ever put embedding of URL's into comments .. so much more appropriate.

Good to touch base with you too btw.


Ed Terpening, Wells Fargo

Thanks so much for your continued insights and feedback. We're thrilled with the level of customer participation. We did change our comment form to remind employees to disclose their relationship. Hopefully, this will make an impact.


Mr. D.Greene

Wachovia & Wells Fargo- One Team, Twice as Shy sty!

In March of 2009, my wife's left arm was literally sucked up into the vacuum carrier tube while she was making a routine transaction at the Wachovia Bank in Round Rock, TX. She sustained injuries requiring months of intensive therapy to her entire arm and shoulder, and still experiences a great deal of pain, though surgery has been avoided thus far. At first, they seemed so accommodating, and spoke of offering $100,000 and a vacation to keep us silent about the matter ( The Bank Manager, Kevin Johnson, and the Claims Department representative Shane Cooke stated, "Well this is nothing that a hundred thousand dollars and a vacation can't cure" . Feeling that this must have been unfair, we enlisted an attorney for our legal protection. Since that time, they've offered as little as $6000.00 (which is barely enough to pay the medical expenses), and most recently, 'a whopping $13, 000.00', which might cover medical expenses, and attorney's fees. My Wife and I are both Ministers, and it's curious to think that with this level of callous abandonment of responsibility for the safety of Wachovia's customers (Wells Fargo's now) these Banking entities have the nerve to say how much they care about their customers and their community, when the admittance of liability in every scope of legal jurisdiction has been proven, by Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, the Bank Manager, the teller who caused the accident, the Claims Representative, and (-even by their own security cameras), yet they refuse to take adequate legal, ethical, and moral responsibility (not that they seem to understand the latter two at all, which will probably mean that we'll have to sue them in court, and make everyone aware of the kind of treatment that they can REALLY expect from the new Wachovia & Wells Fargo Team.-One team- twice as strong? Twice as shy sty seems more like our present experience). Oh yes, and did I fail to mention that we are an African-American Couple, so I guess we should have expected the surfacing of such treatment when it comes to fairness from people with such assumed "importance and superiority".
This we have learned and can say: that their tactics are BRUTAL at best, they've been rude, condescending, and in the moral sense of decency and fairness, they would get an "F", because if this had happened to any of them or their spouses, they would not have allowed such treatment to take place, nor would they have thought that simply because of their ethnicity that they would have been offered amounts of money for compensation that were barely fit to be categorized as 'insulting' to anyone with eyes and a working brain, that is)!

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